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My name is Justin Baker and I have been managing digital ads full time for 13 years. My first job out of college was at in 2007.

I am a one person shop. There are no junior employees.

I think like an owner because I am one.

Proven Success

Over the last 5 years my clients have done well. This chart shows annual sales driven by the ads I manage.

Before I started my own company I was at a big agency in Chicago where I ran a team that spent 10MM a year for a Fortune 100 company.

Before that I helped a startup grow from 3 to 23 employees in just 2 years.

Client Sales (MM)

What I Do


The #1 ad platform for small and medium businesses. It is the best way to reach a niche audience when they want to buy.


If Facebook has the ability to reach your audience you can get great results with elite ad creative and a little know-how.

Tik Tok

The targeting is not as good as Facebook, but the traffic is a lot cheaper because there is less competition among advertisers.


Conversion Rate Optimization means getting more people to convert into sales. It is a LOT cheaper than buying more traffic.

I don’t lock people into contracts. People stay with me for years because I deliver exceptional results.

It is a handshake deal.

I can deliver better service at lower prices than an agency because I don’t have the overhead costs they do.

Client Success

About Me


It’s just me. The way you can tell is that I will have intimate knowledge of everything going on in your accounts every time we talk. I like to do Zoom calls so we can go over the account together.

That was a rare case where a lot of things came together perfectly.

However doubling the ROI of your ads and improving the conversion rate on your site by 30% is realistic for 95% of all companies.


In order to get an accurate projection we need at least 30 minutes to talk about your business and review your existing ad accounts.

But even with 30 minutes it is just a projection. Neither of us will know for sure until we start doing the work.

Filll out the form on the contact page.

I have no interest in being a public figure. All the famous marketing gurus seem like grifters to me.

Google has not had any serious competition for almost 20 years and in that time they have focused more on extracting $$ from advertisers than helping advertisers succeed.

Apple pushed privacy changes in 2022 that wrecked a lot of Facebook’s ad targeting capabilities. Also, as more big companies plow money into Facebook ads the price has gone up for everybody.


If your business expands to the point where you need a full team doing your digital marketing then you will have to find another solution.

That is what happened with the company from the screenshot at the top of this page. At $10M a month in sales they were overdue for moving to in house talent focused only on their business.

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