My Process

Let’s Talk

I like to do a 30 minute zoom call where I learn more about your business and your goals. Then I like to review your google ads with you and I will let you know the good and the bad of what I am seeing.

As long as you are spending $4,000 a month or more on your ads then I am interested.

Let’s Work Together

If that goes well and you want to work with me I am ready to go. I will just need access to your account and then I will probably start that day. Normally it only takes me a week to get things really dialed in.

I don’t use contracts but I would be happy to sign one if you want me to.

Long Term

Usually we will see within 2 weeks how much I can improve your ROI. After that we can meet as much or as little as you want. I can create any kind of reporting you want.

Normally at that point people are really happy and they just want me to send them a monthly update and keep it all working.

More Details